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7 Signs That Show You Have An Easy Going Better Half

1) Does Not Judge

He lets you be, supports your decisions and knows that you have done some things in the past that even you regret you ever did but never makes you feel bad about it.



2) Naturally Chilled Out

You have noticed that it is not just you but with others also he behaves like everything is OK or will be, this shows he is not putting up a show for you and this is something you probably don’t want to change about him EVER!



3) The EX

We know there are times when your ex just decides to call you, and you being a nice person choose to have a normal conversation with him and catch up. The best part is he does not act up or throw a tantrum, in fact hears you out because he is a smart boyfriend 😉




He gives sound advice but every once in a while you decide to do things your way, but like he had warned, things go out of control and you regret your decision, at this point he steps in and cheers you up instead of throwing a – ”Ha Ha I Told You So” at you.



5) No Dwelling On Arguments

Every once in a while you fight, there will be arguments in all relationships, but the best part about him is that once the fight is done and you guys have made up, that will be the end of it and you won’t hear him bring it up again. Once you hug it out its over.



6) Bodyguard

Even though he is a chilled out guy he knows when to turn on the BODYGUARD in him, he will sense somethings up in a bar or pub and become that protective force field for you, and you know how much you love that 😉



7) Not A Whiner

He understands when  you can’t make it, if you are busy in office and or are just plain tired to get out of bed to go for the plan you both had made, at this point he just becomes this amazing guy and just re-schedules the whole thing without any fuss!


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