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A Brief Archive From National Museum, New Delhi


The National Museum in New Delhi, is a premier that holds a rich and varied amount of artefacts. It represents thousands of artefacts representing 5000 years of old India. It is also a house of approx 250 pieces of jewellery from of time of Harappan civilization, till the flourishing Mughal era.

We bring you some ancient pieces of jewellery, which tells a different story individually –

  1. An antique necklace of Indus Valley Civilization

This artisan’s piece consists of four precious elements, namely – Gold, Jade, Agate, Steatite. The beads of the necklace are suspended by a very thin gold thread. The beads are also placed equally on both the sides.

  1. Beautiful earrings of Taxila

This bold piece of jewellery is made of gold. This round shaped earrings has a dangling design covered with small granules of gold and also consists of beads at the end. The earrings are also carved with intricate handcrafted patterns.

  1. A bejewelled armband of 19th Century Rajasthan

This brilliant piece of armband, also known as ‘Bazuband’ is made up of gold, diamond and enamel. It has a very detailed interlocked diamond patterns placed carefully to form a kind of criss-cross design. The end of the armband is locked with a broad beaded thread, also designed with gold threads.

  1. A classic bangle of 19th century Varanasi

This colourful piece of jewellery, also known as ‘Kada’ is made of gold, diamonds, rubies and enamel. The design has an elephant head terminal, and tusks are also used on the outer surface with the diamonds. The inner surface of the jewellery is coloured as pink flowers with enamel.

  1. A detailed and elegant waistband of 19th Century North India

This embellished belt (Kamarband) also consists of gold, diamond, rubies and enamel. It has 84 interlocked rectangular plaques in two rows. It also has detailed floral motif set with diamonds and rubies.

Tell us what you think of the designs in the comments section below.





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