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How To Buy Gold Jewellery

It may just be for Diwali, or you may buying something for a special person in your life, buying jewellery is a delightful and a happy experience. However gold is a precious metal and gold jewellery is always a little expensive, hence it is imperative that you always stay educated about buying gold in any form.

  1. Learn the unit: Karat
    Karat is a purity standard, the value of gold is detemined by its purity. The Karat measurement divides puritu into 24ths.
    Example:  24 karat gold is 100 percent pure (or some may also say 99.6%)  and 12 karat gold is 50 percent pure.
  2. 18 karat – 22 karat for jewellery
    24 karat gold is very soft and highly prone to scratching and damage and to add to that pure gold is also vastly more expensive than alloyed gold.
    If you plan on wearing the jewelry on a daily basis, you will probably want it to be no more than 18 karats, i.e. 75 percent pure, to avoid damage.
  3. Pick your color.
    Gold typically comes in yellow, pink, and white. There is also a rarer green variety. The pink, white, and green varieties are created by mixing gold with other metals. The non-yellow varieties are usually no more than 18 karats.[7]
    Yellow gold represents the color of the natural color of the mineral but that doesn’t mean that all yellow gold jewelry is pure. Don’t assume that yellow gold is pure and always check the markings.[8]

    White gold
    is created by mixing in palladium or nickel. It resembles silver but has a slightly brighter hue.Pink or rose gold is created by mixing in copper.

    gold is created by mixing in silver. Because of the value of both silver and gold, green gold is usually more expensive than other varieties.
  4. Find a reputable dealer.
    The large national outlets that we see out there are the most trustworthy in terms of quality but often include significant markups and similar pieces can be found for less at independent dealers.
    If you do look for an independent dealer, make sure to do your research and make sure they are reputable.
    We at try to reduce your risks in this field.
    However, Don’t be afraid to ask a potential jeweler for their credentials and proof of certification.
    Pick a jeweler that offers a variety of services such as resizing and custom design.
  5. Warranty
    Ask about a warranty. Reputable jewelers typically offer warranties and some kind of return policy. Warranties will add to the cost but may be a good idea for an expensive piece or one that is made of highly pure gold, because of the risk of damage. Make sure to ask about this before your purchase.
  6. Markings
    Check the markings. Gold jewelry will have a hallmark signifying that it is real gold and other aspects of the quality. The marking is usually in an inconspicuous place like the inside of a ring or on the ear-facing side of an earring. Ask your jeweler where the hallmarks are if you’re having trouble finding them.
    The markings will demonstrate purity in one of two ways. Some will show the number of karats with the letter ‘K’ after it. For example, ‘24K’ means 24 karat pure gold. Some gold pieces will instead have a three digit number that expresses the percentage of purity to the tenth decimal point. For example, 14 karat gold might say ‘585,’ which means that it’s 58.5 percent pure and 8 karat gold might say ‘333,’ which means it’s one-third pure.We hope this helped !

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