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riddle 1

Can You Find The Killer In This Picture ?

The Internet is filled with such mind numbing riddles, strangely we find such challenges really addictive
You remember that dress don’t you ?

Well here is another puzzle which has everybody scratching their heads.


There’s a poor old dead chap lying in the middle of the sidewalk.
& the image is filled with a lot of people who are possibly suspects.

You’ve got 60 seconds to figure out who the killer is.
riddle 3



So are you ready with your answer ?

Hold your breath…
*Drum Roll*
Apparently there are two strong suspects.

  1. The lady in the white suit is walking away in haste – her position indicates that she is taking long steps and she has just turned to avoid bumping into the Asian lady in the pink blouse. Moreover, her whole hand is wrapped in white fabric to avoid residues of gunpowder on her skin.

riddle 2

& the other possible suspect is the one who clicked the photo, since he or she in an elevated position, making it easier for the shooter to take a shot.

Or it’s probably John Cena, the internet is filled with numerous possibilities right ? 😉



Source : Funlook

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