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Customize, don’t compromise.


Step 1 | Inspiration

We have a group of designers from the National Institute of Jewellery Design waiting to meet your design requirements, all you need to do is fill the form.

Or if there is any design that you fancy? Show us!
It does not matter if it is a blurry picture from your Google search or something you drew on a restaurant tissue paper.  Send it to us and let us work our magic.

When you are filling out the form, describe your dream piece in as much detail as you can. Our form also allows you to attach images and links to web pages. Don’t hold back on your attention to detail or your reservations about the price.


Step 2 | Meet your designer

Once you send your completed form based on your requirement we will assign the perfect designer to you. The designer will get in touch with you over the phone, Whatsapp,  via email or however you wish, and begin discussions with you over the design of the jewellery. Post discussions our designer will render a multiple 3d designs for you to choose from and examine from all angles.

Once you lock in on the design and are happy with the price that it will be made in, a deposit for the design will take us to step 3


Step 3 | Creation

We then will create a wax model of your design with the help of a 3d printing machine.

This wax model is cast in the precious metal of your choice. During this time any gemstones or diamonds needed for the jewellery are carefully selected and examined.

After this our master craftsmen will begin work on the piece and their work will be supervised by the designer assigned to you, hence ensuring the jewellery is made exactly how you imagined it.


Step 4 | Sale

The finished product will be sent to you through secured mail with insurance and the certificates of authenticity, you can choose to make the remaining payment either with Cash On Delivery or online. We are proud to mention that because of the personal interactions and our attention to detail, our customers do not get any issues related to the item but stay rest assured we will address any issues even after sale until you are completely satisfied with the product.

& yes we give warranties and after sale services too.

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